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Thanks to Germany’s pioneering role, solar energy has developed from the formerly most expensive energy source to the cheapest in the world — inexhaustible and renewable. Its applications range from small solar clocks on buildings to large power stations. The technology is widely accessible, protects nature and represents the energy supply of the future.

Production by Conviction

pv project develops, builds and operates solar power plants for the autonomous generation of green energy. The company was founded in 2010 by two experienced solar entrepreneurs who have been visionary and fully committed to the realisation and development of the technology since 1992. In addition to our own projects, we also work in a network with other medium-sized solar companies.

Local Environmental Protection

Solar field installations have proven to increase the local biodiversity. This is because they do not require spraying or fertilising and provide a quiet environment. These advantages are complemented by specific incentives for various species. Naturally, the generated green energy protects the environment by avoiding harmful greenhouse gases and other toxic emissions from conventional energy sources.

Energy Production of the Future

As a medium-sized company, pv project produces green energy independently from energy companies — in Germany and locally, since all our plants are situated in the immediate vicinity of communities or their industrial estates. This promotes widespread competition and simultaneously provides a decentralised guarantee of energy supply from local energy sources.


The focus of our solar energy production lies solely within Germany — both on rooftops and on open land. Here you can find an overview of our existing projects.


Power: 6 MWp
Modules: 23.276
IBN: 2011


Power: 91 MWp
Modules: 383.000
IBN: 2011


Power: 5 MWp
Modules: 36.720
IBN: 2011


Power: 2 MWp
Modules: 11.496
IBN: 2014

Lüptitz II

Power: 13 MWp
Modules: 39.728
IBN: 2011/2018


Power: 12 MWp
Modules: 43.512
IBN: 2011/2020



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